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Here are some beautiful inspirations for Summer. For more, visit our It’s hot baby board on Pinterest!!!

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Accessories obsession



So here we are, it’s the 31st of July, the official day for the Summer post!!! With my girls from Les particules Complémentaires, (it’s here if you have missed the big announcement!), we have decided to make a commun post, to gather all together one last time before everyone leaves and spreads around the world on holidays. The only problem is just that I feel it’s only the 12th of June, as I still have so much to do before the big day. But that’s another concern. Anyway, tomorrow it’s August. Officially France is dead : no boulangeries, no butchers and 10 free car parks in my street… So as everybody, I will pack to forget everything! But what do I put in my suitcase ? Djellabas, ethnic dresses, high waist denim shorts, tons of cotton tank tops, a Panama (vital), many vintage sunnies (I collect them) … and this wonderful pink sparling clutch by Roger Vivier. On holidays, I don’t dress up anymore, I leave all my sophisticated outfits in the wardrobe, I travel light and comfy, just taking few accessories like an evening cluctch or XXL golden jewels.

Kisses and have a lovely summer!

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Photo by Olivia in Dubai

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Styled people


Melinda is beautiful, Melinda is cool, Melinda is chic, Melinda is funny, Melinda is talented. You got it, Melinda is the coolest girl in Paris. She makes documentaries about fashion, teenagers, Parisiennes, but always in a sociological way. For those who haven’t seen her work, go here! So we met in the 11th arrondissement to shoot her down her new flat. Three hours later, giggles, serious reflection about the world of fashion, image, web, changing clothes in the street, botanical chat (Melinda is newly passionate by botany, and she unsuccessfully tried to introduce me to the fruit trees of the Gardette Park). Discover her fashion spirit with some pics!

Photos by Olivia da Costa.


1/ What do you do?

I’m a documentary filmmaker, let’s just say “socio movie director”.

2/ Where do you live?

In Paris 11th district between pubs full of teenagers and a superstars’ cemetery.

3/ Your fashion icons?

Robert Redford in Three Days of the Condor or Yohji Yamamoto.

4/ Your favorite colors?

Navy blue, strict but flattering.

5/ Your style?

I’d love to only wear men outfits, especially jackets, materials are great, cuts are uncluttered, I never feel ridiculous.

6/ Three words or a short sentence to describe your style?

Discreet charm of bourgeoisie.

7/ You can’t leave home without…?


8/ Paper or web addict?

Both, but more web.


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3 years ago exactly, by a great sunny saturday morning of July, I went to shoot the king of stiletto Monsieur Louboutin himself and Lea Seydoux. She was already a fully accomplished actress, but not the international superstar we know now… Cool vibes, they both know very well as Christian is Lea’s godfather and an old friend of the Seydoux family… I ask Lea to sit on Christian’s knees…and he proposed to change roles and to sit on her’s! Big giggles!!! I was very satisfied of this photoshoot. Unfortunately the big american mag that commissionned me didn’t publish it finally… And this is what you find when we tidy up your computer!! Was a good idea, no ?

Photo by Olivia da Costa.

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Today I'm wearing



So, it’s official now, I have the honor to introduce you #lesparticulescomplementaires, the new blogger collective made in France, with my 8 fellow partners: Tendances de mode,  Café Mode, Ma Recreation, Make my Lemonade, Super by Timai, Shooooes, What Domino Wants and Veepost. For our launch, we have decided to do a collective post on WHITE! So each of us had to work on a post on the White theme. Oh my God, what am I going to do? Me, the queen of colors, prints, baroque and sequins, what can I do on WHITE ? I don’t even own a single white T-shirt, neither any white Converse, nor a white pair of jeans! Event my wedding gown was not white, but gold and cream-colored!!! OK, so I thought I had to give you my version of the white shirt, not the typical classy and masculine one… I will never belong to the androgynous club! I’m more into the crazy cow boy white shirt, the silky shiny one with hundreds of dangling fringes! (Thank you Chanel and the Paris-Dallas collection)! I adore the movement of the little fringes along my arms! I just feel hailing all the waiters and the cab drivers of the city! Finally, white color is not so bad, no ? Photo by Regis Colin Berthelier.

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I was there


So I’m keeping up shooting the crazy people attending Chanel shows… And the last Couture show was as perfect as the others: clients, VIPs, and Karl. Everybody was there for my great pleasure.
Photos by Olivia da Costa.

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