And don’t forget your ugly Christmas sweater !!!!!!!!

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Styled people


It’s raining, cold and grey in London, it’s 2pm and it’s already very dark, I ring the door bell of a spacious house off Sloane street, and suddenly I enter a very colorful and luminous world… Welcome to Miraland! Mira Mikati is Lebanese, born in Beirut but raised in Paris, and now she’s been settled in London for nearly a decade. Mira has this unique oriental hospitality, proposing me right away a matcha tea cup, some gluten free cakes and a coconut juice! The house is surrounded by Murakami imagery (on cushions, on walls, even on Christmas tree decorations). There is also a big collection of “Darcel” fashion portraits on the wall. Mira even has her own Darcel portrait, but as all the other members of the family do— her hubby and the 3 kids ! But what does Mira Mikati do apart from being a warmful well-connected Londoner and a super mum ? Mira wears more than one hat : she runs Plum, a hip concept store in Beyrut, she co-founded 10 years ago with her friend Raya. And she launched a capsule collection 2 years ago with the support of the french maison Façonnable. This beach-oriented capsule is becoming bigger and bigger and has caught the eye of Colette, Net-A-Porter, Joseph, Barneys to name a few. The last collection was inspired by Los Angeles surfing as Mira has started to surf herself and is really mad about LA right now !

So here are some pictures I took of Mira dressed in her own label. But as she’s a serious accessories addict too, I had fun playing with her Sophia Webster shoes, her milk Olympia Le-Tan clutch, her Fendi bag and her Chanel Babouchka clutch… But the pieces Mira was really proud to show me were the 2 pairs of Stan Smith customized by mister Pharrell Williams himself. OMG, so jealous !

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Big crush



It’s funny how I’m loving more and more the Christmas season as getting older. All the glitter, the sparkles, the efforts everybody make to decorate their home, their office. I also adore the excitement of the children, the increase of the dinner invitations, the cheerful Christmas parties, the overdressed outfits, the crazy accessories, the Christmas carols… I’m becoming very consensual! Merry Christmas to everybody and prepare the most beautiful tree possible !

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Big crush



For those who know me, there is no doubt I’m the print lover, the one who cannot go out without a splash of crazy prints on her. So obviously when I discover Barrie, the colorful and Scottish cashmere company bought by Chanel last year, I felt in love at first sight with their cosy funky jumpers.

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Styled people


I’ve known Raphaele few years ago when she was just arriving at de Beers creative direction and I find her again seven years later, still in London, but doing her own jewel label now! Raphaele is the quintessential Parisian woman, very chic, very refined, bearing this an innate and indisputable elegance. And her jewels are like her, delicate, thin, filled with humor. Her best seller? The OMG (Oh my God!) ring, in red enamel and paved with diamonds on the slice. And let me assure that when you first see that ring, you want it right away on your finger! Fun and sophisticated at the same time. Her other pieces, hoop earrings, studs, rings are all playing with diamonds, her favorite material, but diamonds that have been twisted and refreshed, to make desirable everyday pieces. Dover Street Market didn’t do wrong when they spotted Raphaele’s pieces and launched her collection earlier this year. (For the New Yorkers, the launch at Dover Street Market NY on Lexington Avenue will be this Thursday).

So here I am, by a sunny December morning, in Raphaele’s Notting Hill living room, to photography her laid down on her Murakami rug! Oh my God, I love so much my job!

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If you have 1 min and 32 sec spare time between 2 emails, have a look to this video we made out of my photographic work! It’s good for your eyes!

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