A glimpse inside Petra Collins’s new exhibition

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A glimpse inside Petra Collins’s new exhibition

The Canadian photographer – who we featured in our New Photographers article in Please! Magazine 18 – is opening a new show in her hometown of Toronto.

Hard to believe she’s only 24. Her dreamy depictions of her female peers have caught the eye of major brands (Gucci, after inviting her to star on the runway asked her to shoot their latest campaign) and museums (Petra just curated a live installation at the MoMa) and even led her to publish two books, Babe (2015) and Discharge (2014).

Photographer Petra Collins is to the Instagram generation what Nan Goldin was to the previous ones: a documenter of the personal development of the women around her, capturing the complex world of teenage girls navigating sex, relationships, identity and image. For her first solo exhibition in Canada, her home country, Petra decides to take her work to an even more personal level : the life she documents is her own, featuring her sister Anna (a longtime muse of hers), either with rainbows projected on her face or tears streaming from her eyes, as well as pictures of her childhood home, snapshots of her father, and photos of her relatives in Hungary, where the now New York-based photographer originates from. Named Pacifier, the exhibition is an intimate and dream-like glimpse into the personal history of the woman behind the lens.

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