After midnight

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After midnight

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Left: Dress, necklace, rings, bracelet all Chanel. Earrings, Mulberry. Panties, Miu Miu. Right : Earrings, Balabooste. Coat, Rowen Rose. Skirt, Parosh. Heels, Mulberry. Ring, Tant d'avenir.

Jacket, Christophe Terzian. Pants, Kenzo. Panties, Ninamounah.

Left: Top, Neith Nyer x DDP. Gloves, Agnelle. Earrings, Balaboosté. Right: Jacket, Miu Miu. Top, skirt, Mulberry. Boots, Leo. Bracelet, Acné studios. Necklace, Chanel.

Necklace, Pants, Shoes all Chanel. Belt, Dries Van Noten. Coat, Moohong.

Left: Jacket, Miu Miu. Top, Moon Young Hee. Earrings, Mulberry. Right: Top, Neith Nyer x DDP. Skirt, Rochas. Gloves, Agnelle. Earrings, Balaboosté. Belt, Christian Dior.

Corset, Leandro Cano. Dress, Vivienne Westwood. Belt, Chanel. Boots, Alexandre Vauthier. Gloves, Agnelle. Bracelet, Mele+Marie. Sunglasses, Acné Studios.

I am a creature of the night, you will discover all of my secrets when the light will go down. I am not a dream, but it is only a fashion fantasy. Are you ready to live a real fairytale ?