Amélie Pichard

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Amélie Pichard

Mixing PVC, cork and fake fur, Amélie Pichard’s creations are truly out of this world. The shoe designer gives us a tour of her apartment in Bastille.

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Amelie Pichard is the kind of normal girl who makes shoes for normal girls – girls like us, who live in the real world. Absent are the architectural creations that only aliens like Victoria Beckham or Anna dello Russo can wear for more than two hours. Amelie creates comfortable shoes and likes that. She loves mixing materials like PVC, cork and fake fur. The result? A collection of really fun shoes I love, with a pop sensibility, a pin-uptouch. And all of that at a reasonable height! With my girlfriend Mathilde, a shoe expert, I went to Amelie’s for a little photo shoot. I snapped away at her shoes, which I set among unusual, vintage, even slightly mischievous objects (particularly the destressor balls shaped like breasts!) that abound in her Bastille apartment. Amelie is a girl to watch!