RIP David Bowie

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RIP David Bowie

Please is devastated by the loss of music and fashion icon David Bowie, who passed away yesterday at 69 years old. Such a shock. All our thoughts go to his family, friends and millions of fans. As for us, we’re browsing through pictures of his incredible style through the ages, and thought you’d like a (well-dressed) trip down memory lane with us…

mod bowie

Bowie the Mod, when he was still known as David Jones.

hippie bowie2 hippie bowie1

A brief hippie phase, when he made headlines for wearing “the man dress.”

glam bowie1 glam bowie2 glam bowie3

His most well-known style period, the glam phase, and the birth of on-stage persona Ziggy Stardust.

thin white duke bowie3 thin white duke bowie2 thin white duke bowie1

The Thin White Duke : slim suits and ties, pale skin, fair hair… Bowie the heartthrob.

new romantic bowie3 new romantic bowie2 new romantic bowie1

Bouffant shirts, eyeliner and mullet cuts in a brief New Romantic period.

nineties bowie

The nineties: well-cut suits, clear glasses and his marriage to supermodel Iman.

tilda bowie

 His latest most memorable video : “The Stars” (2013), with actress (and lookalike) Tilda Swinton.