Elisa Nalin meets Gripoix

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Elisa Nalin meets Gripoix

Take on one hand, a stylist, a street style queen known for her flashy outfits, and on the other hand, a 150 years-old french Maison, specialist in pâte de verre (poured glass) jewelry, and what do you get ?

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… An amazing collection, totally acidulous, that all girls gonna yearn for in a few months, when it will be on sale! This collection caught my eye during the fashion week. Elisa has exquisite taste and I really wanted to see what she had conjured for this collab… Well, I’ve been served, geometric plastrons, tribal and indian necklaces, lovely rings to pile up on your fingers… So I wanted to take pictures of the jewels on her, at her house, and wearing her own clothes! I knew Elisa had a nice house near Belleville (a previous photo shoot already led me there) and that her garden would be blossoming. The whole thing was even better that I expected! A radiant girl, with sparkling jewels under some mauve wisteria… so photogenic!

Two smalls questions I asked Elisa during our shoot:

How did this collab happen?

Well, one day I was wearing a vintage Gripoix jewel and the press agent instantly spotted me. So he talked about me to the people at Gripoix. It’s my first collab with a brand, and I’m so happy about it because it reminded me of with my first loves again, creation and design. I worked at Costume National and Samsonite in Milan before I came to Paris and started being a fashion editor.

What inspired you?

Travels! I’ve been inspired by my personal pieces, the ones I seek out when I travel. A funny thing, I met the Gripoix team just before a trip to Mexico, and when I came back, ahhh! the collection was here! It has been fast and easy.

And that’s how Elisa just came up with a great jewelry collection! Bravo!