Fashion obsession : Marcia

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Fashion obsession : Marcia

For a few months now, we have been following with obsession (as religiously as an episode of Games of Throne) the new brand that all cool girls are wrestling with: Marcia.


A Marcia dress is like a love story between the woman body and the timeless style of Japan with street influences. Thanks to these cracks on each side, it reveals a lot, but never enough. It follows the curves and protects them like a shield. Wearing Marcia empower your style, your sex appeal, and your ‘French I-don’t-care’ mood. Ultra-connected, Marcia influences cool girls all over the world: from the biggest stars of French cinema, to it-girls 2.0. A simple dress made in France gives a good lesson of self-confidence on your body and your seduction power.  There is no question of mocking yourself or others, the image brand is guaranteed not retouched , because with Marcia, you do not cheat, but you make sensation.

Beautiful on stage, beautiful as in the city, it is definitely Marcia.

Exclusively at the Galeries Lafayette Champs-Élysées.