It’s bubble bath time!

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It’s bubble bath time!

Always take your jewelry off before bathtime… or not! Our new jewelry story mixes this season’s bling with a lot of bubbles, set in the beautiful bathroom of the Hotel Providence, a trendy new spot in the 10th arrondissement. Oh, to lounge in the glimmering gold bathroom of the Suite, the room at the very top of the hotel, looking onto the roofs of Montmartre and the Sacré Coeur… the dreamiest place ever to do your beauty routine. Pack your favourite lingerie, your best swimming costume, and of course your most stunning gold jewelry, and let’s get ready for the weekend!

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Ring and choker, Kova.

Left: Foyer earring, Kim Mee Hye. Bra, Love Stories / Right: Aglae bracelets and necklace, Annelise Michelson. Burgundy swimsuit, Été 87.

Left: Mermaid rings and bracelet, Cristina Ortiz. Tee-shirt, Chanel. Panties, Fifi Chachnil. / Right: Dessous denté earcuff, Yvonne Léon. Simplicity ring, Ana Khouri. VBracelets, Emmanuelle Zysman. ...

Gaby rings and Lulu n°1 ring, all Pascale Monvoisin. Tee-shirt, Chanel. Shorts, Love Stories.

Left: Ariane earrings, Aurélie Bidermann. Simplicity necklace, Ana Khouri. Vertical bracelet, Aimee-Aimer. Bra, Roseanna / Right: Rings, Kim Mee Hye and Ginette NY. Bra, Fifi Chachnil.

Simplicity ring, Ana Khouri. Ariane ring, Aurélie Bidermann.

Left: Rings, Ginette NY. Mirian ring, Ana Khouri. Twisted bracelet, Kim Mee Hye. 5 creoles diamants earcuff, Yvonne Leon. Bra, Fifi Chachnil. / Right: Bracelets, Aurélie Bidermann. Necklace, Marie-H...