Kalda is here to make you walk

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Kalda is here to make you walk

At the last Paris Fashion Week, we’ve spotted a new shoe brand : Kalda. We have completely fallen in love with these babouches with corkscrew heels (ideal for next summer aperitivos!). We wanted to know more! Portrait of Katrin Alda, the designer behind our new favorite brand.


Katrin Alda (a.k.a Kata) has created her brand for women who have style and ambition! “Kalda is very personal to me, she told us, vaping her Juul like a modern Brigitte Bardot, because I create above all shoes that I would like to wear myself (…) When I create I think of all the feelings that my shoes will bring me throughout the day, that’s why I always look for independence, the style must be strong but always with a relax attitude”. This desire for independence is also found when she tells us more about her life, her journey that began in Iceland “I grew up in a fishing village of 300 inhabitants in the north of the Iceland. Very quickly, I understood that I wanted to acquire my own experience, to tell my own story. So, I moved to Reykjavik for my studies at 16, and then to London with this desire to make fashion »



Fashion has always been part of her life. Her mother, a former model, encouraged her daughters to find their own style, it was during a class trip that Kalda had her first fashion crush: “I was 13, I bought a pair of white trousers and a beige croco jacket! Everyone was laughing but I already knew that I had found my uniform and it never left me (laughs) “


Living in London for twelve years now, this former student of the London School of Fashion, created her brand 2 years ago. “I wanted to focus on one single product – I was selling my clothing brand at the time with my sister – I decided to create my own brand, and that is how Kalda was born! Shoes has always been my number one obsession! » And obsessions, Kata has several! Python, rhinestones, square heels, pointed toes, she is inspired by both male codes and timeless feminine. Each model represents a fantasy, a pleasure, that she reinvents collections after collections. Her success is due to the fact she always wanted to «  create shoes for women to feel like they are at the top of the world” and she does so right! Increasingly recognized, she will put online her e-shop and dwell her studio in London or maybe Paris “it will depend of my next crush …” Because Kata follows her heart and is free to do whatever she wants! And she does it well! Our heart already goes boom for her!


Katrin Alda is wearing Cyland Mule from the Spring/Summer 2019

Instagram : Kalda_shoes