La brune et la blonde

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La brune et la blonde

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Sunglasses, FakbyFak. Sweater : Courrèges. Jumpsuit, Monosuit. Shoes, Each x Other.

Left : Blouse and pants, A/Raise. Vintage Earrings. Right : Shirt, Each x Other. Top, Courrèges. Skirt and Earrings, Vintage. Ring, Gucci.

Left : Dress, A/Raise. Vintage Earring. Right : Coat, Nour Hammour. Swimsuit, Ozero. Boots, Each x other. Vintage Earrings.

On Silvia : Dress, A/Raise. Vintage Earrings. On Bertille : Shirt, Each x Other. Ring, Gucci. Vintage necklace.

Left : Ring, Gucci. Vintage Necklace. Right : Sunglasses, FakbyFak. Coat, Subterranei. Blouse, skirt and boots, Each x Other. Vintage Necklace.

On Silvia : Blouse, Each x Other. Top and Skirt, A/raise. Coat, Subterranei. Vintage Earrings. On Bertille : Sunglasses, FakbyFak. Coat, Subterranei. Blouse, Skirt and Boots, Each x Other.

Coat, pants and shoes, Each x Other. Vintage Earings.

Bertille, is the blonde girl, Silvia, the brunette. They are two ingénues, two free spirits, who likes walking in the park, vintage sunnies, and acid colors. Because summer in Paris need to be pop or nothing.

A story shot by Mathilde Steullet, styling by Arpiné Movsisyan.