Welcome to Chambord : the parade

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Welcome to Chambord : the parade

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You may have noticed some pictures on Instagram of a crazy party hold by the jewelry house Van Cleef & Arpels organized in Chateau de Chambord (in the Loire valley). So yes, I had the chance to be invited among 200 other guests to the presentation of the Peau d’Ane collection, in homage to the Jacque Demy movie (very famous in France and starring Catherine Deneuve), filmed in Chambord and restaured with the support of … Van Cleef & Arpels… So the loop is closed ! So before I’ll show you the photos of the jewelry pieces in a next post, here are the pictures of the cocktail and the parade, which took place in front of the castle just before the dinner. WOW, they know how to cut a dash at Van Cleef ! Honestly I will never forget the magnificence and the splendor of that evening. It is so good to feel like a princess once in your life !

Photos by Olivia da Costa