Pihla Hintikka

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Pihla Hintikka

Finnish writer Pihla Hintikka, shot in Montmartre (Paris).

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1/ What do you do?
Finnish freelance journalist and scriptwriter. I write for Finnish and international magazines and occasionally work as a model.

2/ Where do you live?
In Paris since almost six years.

3/ Your fashion icons?
I never really had a fashion icon but I love French nouvelle vague movies’ characters.

4/ Your favorite colors?
Black in clothing. But I love to mix it with other colors like white, red and grey etc.

5/ Your style: night or day?
I wear mostly dresses, which I pimp up with accessories and fancier heels for the evening. My daytime and evening style are still pretty similar.

6/ 3 words or a short sentence to describe your style.
Minimalist, black and a bit rock n roll.

7/ You can’t leave your home without…
Having a cup of morning coffee to start the day.

8/ Paper or web addict?
Paper of course!