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The Estonia-born designer Roberta Einer

Roberta Einer: “London is the best place to be a young designer”

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Roberta Einer: “London is the best place to be a young designer”

We will be eternally grateful to London for bringing to light so many new exciting talents. Our latest discovery to date is the Estonia-born, Balmain- and Alexander McQueen-trained fashion designer Roberta Einer, whose intricately embellished creations, a cross between our girliest dreams and exquisite craftmanship, caught our fashion-hungry eye. We catch up with Roberta to talk embroidery, “modern couture”, and preparing for her first official fashion show in February 2017 – exciting!

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What are the key inspirations behind your brand’s aesthetic?

My work is always personal and usually builds around a place where I traveled and things I’ve experienced during my time there. I’ve done a Las Vegas collection, Miami and now it’s Lisbon. Art and graphic design are also really important, because they become starting points when I do my illustrations for embroideries.

What do you think of the fashion scene in London?

I think it’s the best place to be a young designer. The British Fashion Council and London fashion industry have given me, an outsider from Estonia, a place and a platform to be creative and have shown a massive amount of support that I could have never even wished for.


Your clothes are greatly embellished and must ask a lot of work. Do you consider yourself in a space between ready-to-wear and couture?

Yes absolutely. Mostly because this is where my training was at- McQueen, Katrantzou, Balmain. After working with such incredible garments and ways of working, I couldn’t imagine myself doing anything less. So let’s call it… modern couture? 

Can you tell me about your time at Balmain and what that brought to your design methods?

My time there taught me pretty much everything I know about embroidery. Also that’s the first time that I learnt that fashion and designing can be fun.  My own work became much bolder during my time there, because that’s what you got pushed towards. 

What are your ambitions for the future?

I just really hope I can continue doing what I do – being creative and showing new collections each season. One of the main goals that I thought was maybe years away, which was to show on schedule during LFW, is now happening next February, so now I need a new thing to push towards to!