Serge Lutens, Peter Shire and Hajime Sorayama in the new Please!

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Serge Lutens, Peter Shire and Hajime Sorayama in the new Please!

You’ve already been allowed a peek into some of our fabulous content here and here, but we thought we’d be even MORE generous and give you a little taste of some of the fabulous interviews that can be read in Please! Magazine’s 10th Anniversary issue. Here you go!

Hajime Sorayama – Technosexual Desire

Exclusively for Please, the Japanese illustrator has put together a portfolio of some of his most iconic work, featuring his signature half-human, half-robot erotically charged sex symbols. He tells Please all about his inspiration, his drawing technique and what family think of his work (spoiler: they’re embarrassed!).




Serge Lutens – Magic

Another interview + portfolio, this time of the enigmatic Serge Lutens. A multifaceted character – a hairdresser, makeup artist, photographer, filmmaker and perfumer – with an ultra active imagination and bold visual references, we meet the man behind the myth. “Creation is passive. It moves us, pushes us to act, is stronger than us.”

serge lutens1 serge lutens2 serge lutens3

Peter Shire – El Pachuco of Echo Park

Photographer Eddie Chacon pays a visit to the studio of LA-based artist Peter Shire to capture him surrounded by his buoyant artwork, mixing elements of architecture, a bright palette, Bauhaus aesthetics, the West Coast lifestyle, kitsch and wit. He chats to Please about pottery, his plans for the future and his relationship to Echo Park.

peter shire1 peter shire2