Shourouk Rhaiem

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Shourouk Rhaiem

Pearls, glitter, jewelry, sketches, oriental patisseries… Step into jewelry designer Shourouk’s magical world!

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On a grey and cloudy Saturday morning, I’m due to meet Shourouk at her Paris showroom in the Etienne Marcel area. I’m exhausted, I’ve been holed up in a photo studio working for the past week… (I have the most beautiful job in the world, but yes, sometimes it can kill me!!) So here I am feeling a bit down at Shourouk’s, but as always, the magic happens, good vibes make their way, a happy mood sets in. Could it be any other way? I’m submerged in pearls, glitter, jewelry, sketches, pens, oriental patisseries, all this surrounded by a grass carpet (a souvenir kept from a past presentation, that has stayed because green makes you feel good!!) It is here that Shourouk, the 100% Parisian, Tunisian-born designer, creates her collections with her team made up exclusively of girls. Creativity is everywhere : inspirational moodboards on the walls, unfinished jewelry prototypes on the mantelpiece, boxes filled with millions of multicolored beads… True heaven for girls like me who love glitter and color! It’s now Shourouk’s closet that I dream of exploring next time – because she is one of the most stylish Parisians I know!