Sicilian Pastries

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Sicilian Pastries

Mouth-wateringly beautiful! Italian photographer Viola Rolando pairs some of the yummiest Sicilian pastries, from icing-covered brioche buns to juicy-looking frutte martore (marzipan), with a selection of pieces from our favourite designers in a brand new editorial exclusively for Please. A real feast for the eyes… Try not to drip any chocolate on your Fendi dress!

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Dress and cap, Chanel. Sequined long-sleeved shirt, stylist’s own.

Skirt, Chanel. Layered t-shirts and jacket, Missoni. Bag, Gucci. Earrings, stylist’s own.

Printed dress and leather jacket, Fendi.

Dress, jacket and hat, Gucci.

Leather shoes, Fendi

Skirt and top, N21. Boots, Maison Margiela. Bag, Gogo Philip.

Dress and shirt, Maison Margiela. Playboy sunglasses, stylist’s own.

Crepe pants, Missoni. Leather boots, Maison Margiela.

Dress, rings and bracelets, Louis Vuitton.

Jacket, dress and necklace, Louis Vuitton. Vintage sunglasses, stylist’s own.