Silvia Bergomi

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Silvia Bergomi

Italian stylist Silvia Bergomi, shot in her neighborhood in Milan.

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1/ What do you do?

Stylist and fashion consultant.

2/ Where do you live?

In Milan.

3/ Your fashion icons?

Musicians from the 70s, and all the folk-hippie-psychedelic rock scene from USA in those years. Singers, drummers, groupies, film directors, writers, actors, artists.. I also do love the disco-garage-house panorama starting from Soul Train in Chicago, getting to Paradise Garage and The Loft in New York. I appreciate 90s too.

4/ Your favorite colors?

Jeans, black, white, camel.

5/ Your style: night or day?


6/ 3 words or a short sentence to describe your style?

Androgynous, hippie, chic.

7/ You can’t leave your home without?

Iphone, headphones, labello lipstick.

8/ Paper or web addict?