Sing For Me Please!

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Sing For Me Please!

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Clément Guinamard & Roxane Randy

Left: Alice Aufray

Marine Neuilly & Alice Aufray

Left: Clément Guinamard, Right: Inès Leger.

Left: Noemi First, Right: Emma Bergmann.

Left: Simone Ringer & Louise Verneuil, Right: Fanny Hochard & Ines Leger.

Left: Clément Guinamard, Right: Louise Verneuil.

Left: Shourouk, Right: Lou Lesage & Louise Verneuil.

Right: Alice Aufray's legs

Right: Cécile Togni & Olivia da Costa.

Left: Alice Aufray, Right: Emma Bergmann.

Left: Lou Lesage.

To celebrate the presentation of the Spring / Summer collection 19, Jonak has teamed up with your favorite magazine to host the best karaoke party! It has happened last Thursday with our dearest please girls : Lou Lesage, Emma Bergmann, Louise Verneuil, Alice Aufray, Simone Ringer, Noemi Fesrt, Cécile Togni, Lucillia Chenel… From Johnny Hallyday to Mariah Carey, all we want for Christmas is….to sing out loud with our bffs!

Big thanks to everyone for making this party so unique!

See you soon..