Iracema Trevisan: “In Brazilian fashion, there are no rules”

Heart Heart Heart
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Iracema Trevisan: “In Brazilian fashion, there are no rules”

Meet Iracema, the Brazilian-born, Paris-trained designer behind Heart Heart Heart, the brand that is brightening up our wardrobes with its luxury printed silk scarves. A former member of ace band CSS (remember?), Iracema captures the vibrancy of her Brazilian roots and a certain taste for the absurd in her whimsical creations. We heart Heart Heart Heart!

Can you tell us how you came up with the name of your brand, Heart Heart Heart?

It came from the logo (usually is the other way around). It’s a strange name but I like that it works like a beat and that there are words hidden between like earth, art. I love the word “heart” for the way it looks and the way it sounds. I was also thinking of the expression “heart of hearts”. When I started doing it it was a lot about finding what I really wanted to do.

Why choose to design scarves?

I always wore them. Either one in the wrist, or the hair. And I thought that it was one item I had something to say about. I thought I could bring something new to it. That is not something you can say easily. After arriving in Paris I started focusing more on textiles, print and embroidery so after a while it was natural.

What inspired this latest collection?

I wanted to tell a story about work and competition. The first idea was to bring elements of the masculine world, the numbers, the motorcycles, the electronic circuits, and make them become ornaments. I thought of some styles as if they were an office room, so the leaves you see are interiors plants. I love to play with the absurd, so things started building up from those ideas. You can find small ants carrying numbers instead of leaves, that was a metaphor for work. The leopards with number spots could be traders.

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Printed silk scarves, Heart Heart Heart

3 ways to wear your creations?

I love to wear the small ones in the wrist, like a bracelet. The large silk ones I love to have them long, not knotted, just hanging like a shawl. I also just started wearing it as the strap of some bags, and it’s an easy way to make a formal bag look more fun.

How have your Brazilian roots influenced the way you relate to fashion, on a personal level?

We have a really light hearted approach to fashion. We don’t have a lot of history and tradition, so for us it’s a lot about experimenting and seeing what works, there aren’t many rules. I like that and I think that it is what can put us apart in a good way, it’s a kind of freedom.

You were a member of the (amazing!) band CSS. Is music still a big part of your life?

Yes, thank you! It was such a great experience! I don’t really play anymore, I wish I had the spare time. I did meet a lot of amazing people at that time and keep a lot of friends, so in an indirect way music is a big part of my life. Its pretty much the same brain that did CSS that is working on scarves now, so a lot of the reasoning goes the same way, if indirectly.