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A summer party with Kenzo

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A summer party with Kenzo

Humberto Leon and Carol Lim are true masters of the art of cool. For the first screening of Gregg Araki’s film for Kenzo Here Now, they threw a huge barbecue party at the Jardin d’Acclimatation, in the heart of the Bois de Boulogne. Needless to say that with the heatwave in Paris, it was all people were dreaming of ! Program of the day : beers and burgers (don’t forget it was the day before July 4th!). The vibe is relaxed, we are all here as a family. Carol and Humberto’s kids are running round the garden, close friends and intimate circles all come together. And fans of Gregg are also here ! To prove it, here is a series of mini-interviews !

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Simon Porte Jacquemus (designer) : “The film is really funny, quite sweet. I was expecting to be a bit more thrown by Gregg Araki, his films often make me feel a bit unconfortable. I have seen Mysterious Kids many times, it’s a masterpiece, but I can only watch it if I have 20 friends with me !”

Joana Preiss (actress and model) : “The film is funny, playful. I liked the references to sitcoms and the décalage – he takes specific codes and twists them his way. I thought the actors were perfect. I love Gregg Araki’s work, I know the Teenage Apocalypse Trilogy very well – I believe as a director he really brought something new to the film scene twenty years ago !

jacquemus kenzo

Joana Preiss and Simon Porte Jacquemus

Woodkid (musician and director) : “It’s a very cool film, I’m delighted that Kenzo, a very friendly, not at all pretentious brand that I am really fond of, has collaborated with Gregg Araki, a director that I love. Mysterious Kid is one of my favorite films.

Lily McMenamy (model) : “It was really cool, I’m a huge fan of Gregg Araki ! I saw The Doom Generation with my first boyfriend in his bedroom when I was 16, it was the best thing ever ! I just met Gregg, and said, « Wake up and smell the capuccino ! » (that’s a line from his movie)”

Grace Bol (model) : “The movie was amazing, but I want to see more, it was too short !”

Gildas Loaec (founder of Kitsuné) : “I really loved the colors and the saturation of the film – and most of all Slowdive for the music !”


Gildas and Romy Loaec

Gregg Araki about the screening : “I’ve always thought of this movie being really fun, and this party is colorful, everybody is relaxed, this place is amazing. It’s the perfect set-up.

Humberto Leon about the screening  : “It’s almost like giving birth, we’ve been talking about this for the so long ; you get to share”.


Humberto Leon, Gregg Araki and Carol Lim

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