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Virginie Dhello

The Fashion Week Interview: we caught up with fashion editor Virginie Dhello in Paris between two shows to talk all about fashion week…

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1/ Which fashion week do you go to (NY, London, Milan, Paris)?
Milan and Paris and NY in September.

2/ How do you pack? Do you prepare looks in advance?
I pack hand luggage, I do not want to waste too much time checking in.

3/ What about the suitcase?
Rimowa or Louis Vuitton trolley.

4/ Do you own all the outfits you wear?
Yeah always but I sometimes borrow some accessories.

5/ How do you choose your outfit of the day?
I check the weather on my IPhone and then make up my mind.

6/ What about nails? Long lasting manicure or regular one?
A nice manicure and long lasting nail polish for 2 weeks.

7/ Partying or early to bed?
Cocktail and dinner.

8/ Do you take notes or pictures of the runway looks?
I post some runway looks and showroom previews on Instagram (@veepost).

9/ Who or what inspires you?
Art exhibitions.