The wood sole

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The wood sole

So this our third common post with the Particules Complémentaires, and this time we had to cogitate on wood.

At the very beginning I thought, what am I gonna do ? Scandinavian architecture or minimalism is not for me at all. But considering it, I thought of the luxuriant side of wood. Many things had come up to my mind, like the wood jewels made in the 1930’s. Inspired by Art Nègre, jewelry designers used wood and mix it with precious gems. Today I appreciate what designers like Lydia Courteille, Belmacz or Aurelie Bidermann do with wood. I also thought of Nancy Cunard and of the wooden bangles she wore on both arms. I’ve always been fascinated by the avantgarde style of this rebellious aristocrat who fought against racism and married an Afro American jazzman. Some pics of a wonderful style here… I also remembered the wooden Art deco clutches of Begart, a young Turquish designer I discovered 6 months ago at Premiere Classe. Then I thought of shoes, the xxl wooden wedges I’ve always loved, those inspired by the 1970’s and the famous Biba shop (remember THE shop where all the hipsters were shopping at that time!). So I said to myself, you should look into your own wardobe. And guess ? Many pairs of shoes with wooden heels or soles! I’ne never thought my wardrobe could contained so much wood… I’ve concocted these kitsch collages (I’m very much in kitsch right now!) on the 4 pairs I often wear. My only regret ? Not to have bought these crazy Celine SS2010 wedges. 4 years after, I’m still loving them. It’s funny how you don’t get tired of some pieces….