Tiffany Hargraves Phillips

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Tiffany Hargraves Phillips

From Chanel Couture to London Fields: we meet up with Tiffany Hargraves Phillips, co-founder of jewelry brand Uribe.

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So here I am heading to London Fields, the new London hot spot (forget about Shoreditch, it’s over now, you need to go further East and North to find the woolen hat crowd). I’m meeting Tiffany, the founder of Uribe, a new jewelry label she created with her husband Sion. I’ve decided to take the bus, and guess what, I’m arriving 1 hour and 15 mins late !! Thank goodness, Tiffany is the coolest girl on earth and welcomes me with a big smile and a bowl of candy. So here we are chatting like long time friends about clothes, jewels and common acquaintances. Tiffany has lived some years in Paris and worked at Chanel couture jewel department, so necessarily it creates links ! So here I am to photography her wardrobe. Very eclectic, Tiffany likes to mix up styles : hippie long dresses and vintage T-shirts, statement fashion pieces like croco Chanel shoes or a Miu Miu shirt with nude woman prints. OK it’s time for an aside, that was the key print of Miu Miu SS 2010, and for some impenetrable reasons I didn’t buy that shirt, even though I passed by the Miu Miu windows every single day ; 5 years later, I still regret it. I’ve been chasing unsuccessfully this shirt everywhere on Ebay, Vestaire Collective (please, if you know where to find it, please contact me!). And what, I arrive at Tiffany’s, and after 10 sec, she just shows that crazy shirt that is still haunting me ! So of course, there are some things that unite you !

What do you do?

I run Uribe with my husband Sion; a new fashion jewelry brand. I also do yoga, I do travel, I do design, I do as much as I can!

Where do you live?

I live near London Fields in an old Victorian school house. We have an open plan flat, with tall windows original from the school, and exposed brick. My husband and I are both really keen on the ceiling height as we’re tall people and the light we get is amazing for London.

Your fashion icons?

Stevie Nicks, Toto Koopman, Kurt Cobain, Miuccia Prada, Lauren Hutton, Mata Hari.

Your favorite colors?

All shades of green!

Your style?

Sometimes I have the magnet syndrome where I put on everything that I like that day or moment, especially with jewelry. This has slowly chilled out over the years and I am now more inclined to wear what I will be comfortable with all day for meetings, travel, cycling in London… but some days, I am in yoga clothes the whole day – a freelancer habit I am trying to break! So I’m back into long skirts, dresses, wide leg trousers and always layering, especially in a city like London where the weather changes quickly.

Three words or a short sentence to describe your style?

All in all I always try to mix the eccentric with clean lines; vintage and designer; “flou” with tailoring…

You can’t leave home without…?

My iPhone, wallet, and some sort of lip balm – either simple Nivea or an SPF 15 Chanel hydrating lip balm! Essential!

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