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Valenti, new fashion crush made in Italy

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Valenti, new fashion crush made in Italy

Valenti is a very interesting and inspiring brand in the new design Italian panorama. We’ve met Nicole Valenti, the designer behind the project, for a little chat about her cool world made of femininity and vintage modernity.

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Hello Nicole, can you tell us about your background and about the origins of your brand?

I studied fashion design at Instituto Marangoni in Milan, but before it, I studied biotechnologies and medicine at university. Valenti bears a bit as a case, a bit for fun. I always had the idea of creating a personal project and in the end, it’s started, and to be honest, I’m really happy about this adventure.

Do you have some definite inspirations and obsessions? And there is a specific ideal of woman who inspires you?

Obviously the 80s are my main inspiration, Vanzina’s Italians films as Le Finte Bionde and Parenti Serpenti but also the story of Gia Carangi, model from the late seventies/eighties. My family is the fulcrum of the whole ; the pictures of my grandmother, my aunties and of course of my mother dressed with trailers with extra padded shoulders and tight waistline. Also, some iconic Italian singers from the eighties as Marcella Bella and Ornella Vanoni are a reference for my creations.

Can you tell us about the Spring / Summer 2019 collection?

The Spring Summer 2019 collection is a continuation of the Fall Winter 2018 presented in March 2018. Silhouettes are always 80s, but revisited from the fabrics I choose. Jackets are used as shirts, tailleurs with mini skirts and sporty jackets are some of the main items. Tales are structured and in vinyl, dresses with hoods and made in outerwear fabrics and knitwear sporty outfits.The collection overall is less playful than before, but still tell about a young woman who enjoys her summer having “aperitivi” by the sea and outings, a dedication to the classical Italian Dolce Vita, with an Amarcord and South Italian touch.

What you wish for Valenti’s future?

First of all keep growing more and more, and for the next Fall/Winter collection there is a project for some menswear pieces.

As you see the Italian design panorama at this precise moment?

Big brands are still a big influence in the world and an example to follow for new brands, but in my opinion fashion need to be more open in the emergent design because sometimes it becomes too elitist.