Voyage, Voyage

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Voyage, Voyage

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Left: Headband, Ca&Lou. Scarf, MaxMara. Jacket, top and skirt, Valentina L Fontana. Bracelet, Ca&Lou. Right: Earrings, Chanel. Bracelet, Ca&lou.

Left : Sweat, stylist’s own. Earrings, Chanel. Right : Necklace, Chanel. Ring, Vernissage.

Headband, Ca&Lou. Coord set, Circus Hotel. Belt, Ca&Lou. Shoes, stylist’s own.

Left: Earrings, Ca&Lou. Ring, Vernissage. Jacket, Valentina L Fontana. Right: Coord set, Daizy Shely. Bag, Chanel. Earrings Ca&Lou.

Sweat, stylist’s own. Earrings, Chanel.

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