When Harri met jewelry

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When Harri met jewelry

Is there a better background on which to capture our latest jewelry finds than photographer Harri Peccinotti’s cult imagery?

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Earrings, Jennifer Fisher.

Chain earrings, Eddie Borgo.

Painted hoops, Bimba Y Lola.

Earrings, Adeline Affre.

Earrings, Aurélie Bidermann.

Single earring, Marion Vidal for Christian Wijnants.

Earrings, Moutton Collet.

Double crush: for photographer Harri Peccinotti and for this season’s maxi earrings by Aurélie Bidermann, Eddie Borgo or Jennifer Fisher… Dare we make a risky comparison, and declare that the size of our favourite earrings is proportional to the skimpiness of the bathing suits worn by the models captured by this cult photographer of the sixties and seventies? Sorry, not sorry…

Iconic art director for Nova magazine, Harri Peccinotti photographed women, white, black, asian, usually undressed, not always hairless, with their imperfections but always with a benevolent eye. His pictures, sometimes trashy but never vulgar, his ultra-graphic close-ups are a constant inspiration for Please. So we took particular pleasure in putting our favourite earrings on the master’s photos. When 1967 meets 2017, it makes us very happy!

All pictures by Harri Peccinotti are from his book, H.P.