Working is my fashion statement

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Working is my fashion statement

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Left: Shirt & Skirt, Cosia Baczynska. Shoes, Zara. Right: Dress, Wave. Sunglasses, Uterque.

Sweater, Balenciaga. Pants, Wave. Shoes, Vanda Novak.

Left: Shirt, Marni. Sweater, Marella. Right: Dress, Wave. Tights, Calzedonia. Shoes, Vanda Novak. Sunglasses, Uterque.

Shirt, See by Chloé. Skirt, Gosia Backzynska. Shoes, L'Intervalle. Bag, Balenciaga.

Left: Jacket, Chloe. Turtleneck, Balenciaga. Pants, Stella McCartney. Shoes, Hot soles. Right: Jacket, Maison Margiela. Turtleneck, 89th. Bikershort, Vintage. Shoes, L'Intervalle.

Shirt, Marni. Sweater & skirt, Marella.

We are all living like workaholics but do we really have to forget our fashion vibes ?

Working 9 to 5… but only over-dressed!