10 years of Jacquemus(es)

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10 years of Jacquemus(es)

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Jacquemus first public appearance at Vogue Fashion Night. Fall Winter 2011 in Paris.

La Piscine was the first very BIG show of the brand in 2013.

Jacquemus collections are always joyful! #girlpower

The Jacquemus woman is not a girl but not yet a woman.

The Spring Summer 2015 collection was an hommage to Marseille.

Les Santons de Provences was the most grown up collection.

Jacquemus uses black for the first time in 2017.

Fall Winter 2018 collection and the first launch of the mini-bag.

Jcquemus is all about shapes, colors and accessories to feel free.

10th Years anniversary in Valensole, most photogenic show.

Jacquemus is celebrating its 10 year anniversary. Ten years of love, passion, creation and happiness. Simon is like a sunflower, looking toward/facing the future, he brightens the world of fashion with seemingly naive collections. This year, he presented the collection in his home, Provence. The Please team was invited. In the middle of lavender fields, we remembered our firsts times with Jacquemus, our first crushes, like a strike of love, a strike of heat. So here are best memories of Jacquemus. Before everything, it is the story of a kid from the sunny South who knew how to make the girls smile. The mystery of the brand’s success resides in the muses’ beaming smiles. Wearing Jacquemus it’s “loving life, loving flowers (…) loving cities & prairies, loving the sea, loving fire, loving the earth to be happy”. It’s as simple as a Michel Legrand’s song.

From the “J’aime la vie” t-shirt, to the mini bag, and also the famous Le pull Marine sweater, Jacquemus has never stopped made our hearts beating. Making all of our desires, an accessible and timeless reality. The young cretive director was able to raise his creation beyond the ready-to-wear, breaking the classical codes of communication (his instagram is his playground, he was among the first to stir up emotion with his daily triple posts) and freeing girls (and since two seasons now men) from their gloom.

Discover (until July 14th) at the Galeries Champs-Elysées in Paris, the whole world of Jacquemus around an installation specially made to celebrate this first decade. Simon creates, Simon shares but especially Simon loves. And we love him too, forever.