Alice at Giorgio’s

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Alice at Giorgio’s

Alice et moi, the new French pop singer we’re loving at Please…

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Jacket, Pierre Rioufol. Body, Fête Impériale. Choker, Les Inconnus. Belt, Emmanuelle Khanh. Vintage shoes at Second Pied. Strass bag, Shourouk.

Body, PomPom. Sunglasses, Emmanuelle Khanh. Scarf, Les Inconnus.

Shirt, La Prestic Ouiston. Body, La Nouvelle. Pants, American Vintage. Earrings, Pleaseness. Lipstick, Glossier. Bag, Miyette.

Jacket, Rotate. Shirt, Fête Impériale. Bra, Lejaby Inspire. Pants, Coralie Marabelle. Earrings, Pleaseness.

Dress, Musier. Scarf (on head), Les Inconnus. Sunglasses, Emmanuelle Khanh. Necklaces, Pleaseness. Shell bag, Le Printemps. Sac : Printemps

Shirt, La Prestic Ouiston. Body, PomPom Paris. Scarf, Les Inconnus. Vintage stockings, Gucci. Ring, Shourouk.

Necklace, Pleaseness. Lipstick and mascara, Glossier. Sunglasses, Emmanuelle Khanh. Vases, Ulysse Sauvage.

Body, Sanda Simona Studio. Pants, La Prestic Ouiston. Scarf, Ika Paris. Sun hat, Le Printemps. Vase, Anissa Kermiche X Nodaleto.

Shirt and pants, Mansour Martin x Inès Alpha. Body, PompPom. Necklace and ring, Pleaseness. Vintage shoes at Second Pied.

Jacket, Pierre Rioufol. Vintage T-shirt. Wool skirt, Chanel. Bag, Miyette. Choker and rings, Chanel. Necklaces, Shourouk.

We have been singing “Filme moi” and ‘J’veux sortir avec un rappeur” for the last 2 years. Alice has just released her last album Drama. We’re predicting a futur hit. We’ve jumped on the occasion to organize a colorful photoshoot… But where ? At the new restaurant of Dalmata group, Giorgio, rue de Charonne. A whole restaurant Italo disco themed, with a full pink palette, flashy neons, a disco mirror pizza oven. And don’t miss the toilets, they’re totally crazy !!! In short, it was the perfect place to matchAlice’s red hair and the pastel and juicy looks we have imagined.

Photos by Olivia da Costa. Styling by Mélody Landeroin.