Alix Morabito

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Alix Morabito

The classy Parisian never leaves home without a dash of red lipstick. Meet Alix Morabito, full of joie de vivre with a killer style.

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I’ve known Alix for years. We met in another life, when we were both working in an ad agency. She has changed jobs several times since, as have I – that’s why we probably share so much and always have a laugh when we meet! Seriously, it’s strange how you keep crossing paths with some people, and never with others. Alix is among the people I keep bumping into, once in Milan at the home of the Missonis, one night at the Mademoiselle C. party, or again coming out of the Chloé fashion show. Always in the best places, Alix! What I like about her is her capacity for happiness. She is full of joie de vivre, never in bad spirits and always up for a new adventure. (Very un-French, no? I’m pretty critical of my country at the moment, do excuse me). In addition to being totally charming, Alix has a great mind. All in all, a wonderful girl.


1/ What do you do?

I am a fashion accessories director for a luxury brand.

2/ Where do you live?

In Paris.

3/ Your fashion icons?

Jane Birkin, Charlotte Rampling, Bianca Jagger, Sofia Coppola.

4/ Your favorite colors?

Navy and light blue, grey, bordeaux, dark green, kaki.

5/ Your style : night or day?


6/ Three words or a short sentence to describe your style?

My way to dress really depends on the way I feel in the morning! I always check the weather forecast ;-) But it’s always simple and easy, chic but not too sophisticated.

7/ You can’t leave your home without?

My red lipstick!

8/ Paper or web addict?