ASWAD, designed for our pleasure

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ASWAD, designed for our pleasure

Sonia Ahminou grew up in the South of France, in Nice. This young woman dreamt at first of architecture but already had a big interest for fashion. One day in the workshop of a leather craftsman, she realizes that these two arts can  perfectly meet in the leather craft. She can invent a structure, decline forms and answer a use. ASWAD was born.


Since 3 years, Sonia creates, draws, reinvents the leather craft by bringing a practical sense, a street side in the classic codes of the pieces. A unisex and minimal line, as French legacy of savoir faire. When we ask her what are her inspirations, she answers with no doubts “Martin Margiela” before continuing “Hermès, for the nobility of the work. But chiefly, the use, the workers, the working tools. There is for me nothing more attractive that a bag dedicated to a profession to answer a need, a practice. It is all the essence of the leather craft”


After 8 years spent into the studios of Hermès, Moynat and Louis Vuitton, Sonia created her own brand. She’s inspired by her own urban lifestyle. Thanks to her vision of the product and the creative process, ASWAD prodicts are unique : each model is realized by hand (approximately 15 working hours) and requires individually a lot of stages of production.


“There is for me nothing more attractive that a bag dedicated to a profession to answer a need, a practice.”


Screen Shot 2019-01-07 at 11.06.13Atelier Aswad tools

The leather is raw, without addition of chemical, what allows it to age “and to tell its own story “. Her passion and her whims inspire her, the last one … Fishing! ” Sinners’ bags are lessons of practicality. I do not know where it is going to lead me, I refrain myself from nothing! “. And we ask for more! 2019 looks already well-filled with the third collection for ASWAD but also with the design of furniture in association with the architect Sophie Dries, and the artistic direction for other brands!

Leather goods for all adventurous we do!

ASWAD available here