Cabine in the future

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Cabine in the future

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Left : Jacket, Elizabeth Karatsoki. Swimwear Sognante. Right : Blazer, skirt and gloves New Skin Vintage. Top, Elizabeth Karatsoki. Sunglasses, Courrèges.

Top and chaps, Arts & Industry Athens. Swimwear, Sognante.

Left : Swimwear and top Sognante. Right : Jumpsuit stylist’s own. Shoes, Maison Margiela. Sunglasses, George Keburia. Scarf, Elizabeth Karatsoki.

Left : Dress, Costumier. Underwear and shoes stylist’s own.

Put your most crazy swimming costume on, a vintage scarf on your platinum wig, and here you are ready to party solo in your acidulous decorated flat !!! Oh yeah ! That’s the way we do it at Please !