Christelle Kocher’s Gang

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Christelle Kocher’s Gang

We wanted to introduce you to a woman designer for whom the notion of network is foremost: Christelle Kocher, founder of the Koché label.

Here she is, surrounded by her clan !

Christelle Kocher chose the Buttes Chaumont’s famous Rosa Bonheur to gather her clique of friends and muses. Surrounding the creator of the (almost)-eponymous label Koché are model/accountant Stacy Guede, LGBT activist Delphine Rafferty, art director/stylist/party promoter Harmony Coryn, model /director / jeweler Marissa Séraphin and director Héléna Klotz. Their common denominator? They are all active parts of the Koché tribe – from walking in the label’s spectacular runway shows/happenings (people are still talking about the inaugural presentation, staged in the middle of the Forum des Halles shopping mall), to creating films highlighting the collections, they are all deeply involved in Christelle’s label, which she founded in 2014 and has been growing ever since. Sportwear silhouettes become canvases for an eclectic blending of genres and gorgeous materials, impeccable craftmanship and meticulous embroideries. This explosive energy is Koché’s DNA:

Christelle loves the contrasts of luxury and the suburbs, fine fabrics and tracksuits, creating one of the most refreshing labels to have hit Paris in a long time. Go Koché!

From left to right: Stacy Guede, Harmony Coryn, Héléna Klotz, Marissa Séraphin, Delphine Rafferty, Christelle Kocher.