Fashion edible

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Fashion edible

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Blue sweet potato fondant.

Poached pear, with turmeric, saffron, star anise, Longan, Kadaif leaf.

Fruit jellies with saffron and lemon.

White chocolate mini pearls with fennel seeds and cardamom.

Spicy chocolate.

Cake with kumquat and dates.

Britton sables with pistachio, vanilla and black sesame cream.

This is what happens when Julia Tatem is inspired by fashion and cosmetic brands in her kitchen… The Fendi logo, the Vuitton damier, the Mugler star or the Dior j’Adore fragrance have been restyled by Julia’s expert hands ! 7 desserts as exquisite for the eyes as they’re for your mouth.

Cakes by Julia Tatem. Photos by Roxane Lagache.