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Interview: Joséphine de la Baume

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Interview: Joséphine de la Baume

Actress and singer Joséphine de La Baume needs no introduction. The frontwoman of Singtank, she is also a strong-minded fashion icon who has no qualms about showing off her body as it is in Agent Provocateur lingerie adverts: “Don’t try and look like the girls you see in magazines,” she. Be yourself, it’s about your attitude.” She is making a comeback this year with a new musical project, Film Noir, and we just had to know more…

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Your first musical project was with your brother Alexandre in 2011, and the two of you are working together again on Film Noir. Is this a reboot, or a whole new project?

It’s a new project. I was no longer really inspired by Singtank, which doesn’t mean that I’ll never go back to it, but I wrote an album at a time when I had to unload something big, so the topic was different, and so was the music,


The music industry has undergone quite a transformation. Nowadays, a lot of bands are self-produced, and manage their own image with social networks. Is that your approach, or are you planning on signing to a label?

I’d like to sign to a label, but I want to refine the project a bit, to see it grow so I can have more independence afterwards. I’m focusing on playing live for now – we played with La Femme in LA last December. Playing with friends is so inspiring!


Film Noir’s first concert happened at Espace B during the launch of the third issue of the Peach fanzine, which is all about promoting women artists. Is that also important for you?

Of course, I’m interested in everything revolving around women, and their emancipation. We’re going through a fascinating period right now. Women did a lot for each other until the end of the 70s, and then there was a bit of a lull, and now its like everyone is coming out of their slumber and revealing all the remaining hidden inequalities. It’s exciting, and it should keep happening all over the world.


Are there women who inspire you particulary?

Simone Veil, for all that’s she done for women, of course. I’ve always loved Lauren Bacall, Kate Bush, Gena Rowlands, Catherine Ringer and so many others with strong personalities and a lot of balls. And then, there are the women I meet while traveling around. I lived in a lot of cities, so I have several groups of girlfriends I keep in touch with. These groups keep getting bigger, because I meet a lot of inspiring women, and when I do, I want to keep them in my life.


Your top 3 albums?

Rum Sodomy & the Lash (The Pogues) – Miami (The Gun Club) – Ghost Riders (Suicide)