Johanna Sebag

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Johanna Sebag

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Dress, Jacquemus. Shoes, Gucci.

Shoes, Saint Laurent.

Bag, Gucci.

Look, Gucci. Shoes, Saint Laurent.

Shoes, Balenciaga.

Bag, Hermes.

Dress, Balenciaga.

Shoes, Balenciaga.

Sneakers, Balenciaga.

Shirt, Vetements. Jeans, Re/Done. Sneakers, Balenciaga.

Bag, Balenciaga.

Shoes, Miu Miu.

T-Shirt, American Vintage. Skirt, Balenciaga. Shoes, Saint Laurent.

Shoes, Stella McCartney.

And here we are to meet Johanna in her beautiful home, close to Paris, in Saint Cloud. After 6 cancellations (OK also because of us), we finally end up by doing this photoshoot… Oh yes, believe us, Johanna Sebag’s agenda is as busy as Emmanuel Macron’s one ! Founder of PR agency Dresscode, Johanna is running all day long… In 13 years, her bureau has become one of the most influential in Paris, which a bunch a major clients such as Maje, Claudie Pierlot, American Vintage, Carel, Tiffany, but also young designers like Fête Impériale, Carolina Ritzler or Oud. A flawless success for this energetic hard worker, who never loosens up, checks herself all the publications, brainstorms to set up nice collabs for her brands, organizes the nicest parties for her clients… Johanna is looking like her wardrobe, flamboyant, voluble, generous… Diving into her closet was a real delight ! It is very rare to find in Parisians’ wardrobes so many fun, colorful and — let’s admit it — so many garments. Yes Johanna is working in fashion, adores fashion and buys fashion !! Her favorite brands ? Balenciaga and Gucci of course, but also Saint Laurent for shoes, Vetements, the Californian denim Re/done.

Johanna, can you call us when you organize a closet clean-out ???