Kristin Gallegos

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Kristin Gallegos

When it’s currently raining in Paris…what’s better than a return trip to Los Angeles? We went to meet Kristin Gallegos, coolest photographer based in LA. She regularly contributes to indie magazines like So It Goes & Cake Magazine, her wardrobe such as her polaroids bring us back to the heart of the 70s like in the novel by Pamela Des Barres “I’m with the band”.

We asked her about her style & inspirations…

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Coat, Pierre Cardin x Bonwit Teller. Dress, Ritual Vintage.

Dress, Stoned Immaculate. Boots Vintage.

Dress, Ritual Vintage. Glasses, Zanzan Eyewear.

Hat, New York Hat Co. Coat, Pierre Cardin x Bonwit Teller. Dress, Stoned Immaculate. Boots, Vintage.

Coat, Vintage. Dress, Stoned Immaculate. Boots, Pleaser.

Boots, Public Desire. Dress, Vintage.

Beret, Army Navy Store. Sweater, Courrèges. Skirt, Vintage.

Dress, Vintage. Boots, Stuart Weitzman. Romper, Velvet Cave UK.

What Do you do?

I am a photographer and creative director.  I used to be a makeup artist for a very long time and made the transition to full time photography a couple of years ago!  On my shoots I do everything from shooting and creative direction to styling to the beauty.  So I still technically do makeup.  I also DJ a bit on the side.  I am a bit of a one woman show! 

Where do you live?

I have been based in NYC since 2004 but I am relocating to Los Angeles in the Spring.  I am currently residing in LA for a few months.  I have been back and forth all year long.  I am originally from Southern California so after all these years I am returning home!

Your fashion icons?

I have so many fashion icons but I would definitely say 60’s Cher, Cher Horowitz from Clueless, Edie Sedgwick, Brian Jones, Marc Bolan, and Jane Fonda in Klute.

Your favorite color?

Black.  I am really just a goth at heart.  

Your style, night or day?

During the day I can often be seen in a vintage suede mini skirt and a t-shirt or a mini dress and some ankle boots running around.  Night time I amp it up a bit more and add a much taller platform boot.  Hats and sheer scarves are often a part of my look as well!

Three words or a short sentence to describe your style.

60’s Cher meets Cher Horowitz meets Klute with a goth twist has always been my favorite way to describe it.  

You can’t leave your home without…

My iphone, black eyeliner, and lip balm.  

Paper or web addict?

Paper!  I am old school in most ways.  I read real books.  I play records when I DJ.  And I shoot with film, Polaroids and Super 8 film only.