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Let’s meet Priscilla Royer

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Let’s meet Priscilla Royer

Early meeting with the Art Director of Maison Michel.


Perfect blond hair, blue eyes, a black total look, this is how Priscilla Royer appears at our early meeting at the café Nemours in Paris. Here is she responding to our special hat interview while drinking herbal tea…

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How one manages to become the Artistic Director of a fashion hat house like Maison Michel?

Hat is a support as the others. For sure millinery is not my background, but Maison Michel introduced me to crafts of this very special industry. Sometimes I lean on the technique of the Ateliers to develop a piece, and sometimes I give free rein to my imagination and I see with them how make things possible.

Any hat icons ?

I don’t want to drop any name in particular, because I don’t want to lock myself in a specific style. There is billions of stereotypes and choose one style rather another one would be too frustrating for my creativity. 

Are there heads for hats and not?

Everybody has a head for hat, you just need to find the right style. For sure there is a hat that matches with your facial ovale or your jawbone ! People are often afraid of being ridiculous or too much by wearing a hat, but it’s just about being self confident.

What is the hat trend of the moment?

I will say the baseball cap and a small hat with short edge.

Do we need to wear an hat for a wedding ?

It’s really depend on the type of wedding ! An hat can pimp a silhouette or twist it…

One mistake one shouldn’t commit regarding hats ? 

Wear it if you don’t need to wear it.

Pro or con the bob ?

100% pro ! Whether it is to protect oneself from the sun in summer or in town for the style … There are lots of ways to wear it: with a turned up edge in front or behind, in a “cloche » way, or as a shady boy. Everything (as always) is a question of styling.