Life at barrier gestures time

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Life at barrier gestures time

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Left : Shoes, Nodaleto. Tights, Gucci. Necklace, Justine Clenquet. Right : Choker, Justine Clenquet. Bodysuit, JP Gaultier. Tights, Falke. Shoes and bag, By Far. Ring, Samuel François @White Bird.

Vest, Vaillant. Sunglasses, Pucci X Koche. Bracelet, Chanel. Rings, Alice Waese and Samuel François @White Bird.

Left : Tracksuit, Mosaert. Bag, Chanel. Slippers, Roger Vivier. Necklace, Encore. Ring, Lito @WhiteBird. Right : Swimming costume Daname. Boots, Roger Vivier.

Left : Ring, Paola Villas. Right : Socks and flip flops, Camper Lab. Tulle socks, Calzedonia. Glasses, Saint Laurent Paris. Necklace, Encore.

Left : Bracelet, Bonanza. Right : Bag, Alphonse Maitre Pierre. Tights, Topshop. Shoes, Crocs. Ring, Alice Waese @WhiteBird.

Dress, Leandro Cano.

Left : Ring, Gucci Jewelry. Right : Top, Daname. Pants, Andrea Crews. Bag, Roger Vivier. Bracelet, Alice Waese @WhiteBird.

This is how we’re killing time at Covid time : respecting rigorously barrier gestures, using LVMH alcohol sanitizers, stocking up toilet paper, playing sudoku or solitaire with sexy cards, working out, drinking coffee… This is a good summary of 2020… We’re crossing fingers, arms and legs to come back to more social occupations and dance floors in 2021…

A story shot by Manuel Braun.