Maria de la Orden

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Maria de la Orden

We’ve set our sight on Maria de la Orden for our new Please Girl.

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Dress, Maria de la Orden. Hat, d'Estrée.

Hat, d'Estrée.

Outfit, Maria de la Orden. Sunglasses, Loewe. Earrings, Pleaseness. Shoes, Chanel.

Outfit, Maria de la Orden. Earrings, Pleaseness.

Bag, Vanina.

Outfit, Maria de la Orden. Sunglasses, Loewe. Shoes, Chanel.

Belt, La Veste.

Dress, Maria de la Orden.

Mules, Roger Vivier.

Outfit Roger Vivier.

A slamming name, an aristocratic allure (— we can’t help ourself to project a modern version of Jacqueline de Ribes—), a super divine home in West Paris… But above all, a super busy actuality : Maria is at the head of 2 and very soon 3 brands, all super cool and highly desirable.  There is Maria de la Orden, her eponymous brand, co-founded with Laura de la Révélière. A fashion brand with a strong vintage vocabulary made of Liberty prints, Peter Pan collars and smocks details. A huge success, with clients desperately waiting every Friday for the new drop… The second project is La veste, co-founded with her Spanish fellow partner Blanca Miro. A vision a bit more pop and acidulous, but with the same achievement. And we caught during our shooting that Maria is about to launch a new business in the decoration field. Having discovered her extreme good taste, we’re looking forward to eating and drinking in her tableware !

Maria is transforming everything into success… A girl to follow. Absolutely !