Meet Malina Weissman, a very cool teen girl

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Meet Malina Weissman, a very cool teen girl

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Blazer, A Detacher. Jumpsuit, Maison Ullens. Sweater, Zadig & Voltaire. Necklaces, Roxanne Assoulin and a Carnevale Jewelry. Socks, We Love Colors. Shoes, Vintage.

Tassel earrings, Haarstick Jewelry. Ring, The Shiny Squirrel. Right : Leather jacket, True Religion. Sweater, PH5. Necklace, Syd & Pia. Star earrings, Tuleste. Heart pins, Roxanne Assoulin.

Left : Sweatshirt, Paradised. Top, Rebecca Taylor. Jumpsuit, I Waited For You creme. Earrings, Haarstick Jewelry. Necklace, The Shiny Squirrel. Shoes, vintage. Right : Sheer dress, Kelsey Randall. L...

Left : Sweater, PH5. Dress, Arianne Elmy. Tassel earrings, Haarstick Jewelry. Flower ring, The Shiny Squirrel. Right : Sweatshirt, Paradised. Top, Rebecca Taylor. Jumpsuit, I Waited For You creme. Ea...

Growing up in New York City as a daughter of a model, Malina Weissman always wanted to dip her toes into acting. As a rising star herself, she is poised to take on Hollywood. Her résumé reads like one of an actress twice her age. In 2016, she appeared in Nine Lives and in 2014 she played a young version of Megan Fox in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. And now, at the age of 15, Malina Weissman is playing a dream role : Violet Baudelaire,  in Netflix’s A Series of Unfortunate Events based off of Lemony Snicket’s cult-classic novel series.

And for Please!, the stylist Rachel Gilman had a little interview by text with her :

What did you enjoy most about the photo shoot with Matthew and Rachel ?

The shoot with Matthew and Rachel was so fun, I loved  the combination of great styling and photography.

Some people are terrified of clowns, what creeps you out the most ?

Don’t laugh, but I have banana-phobia… Yes, it’s a real thing ! 

Favorite shopping spots in NYC :

I like to go to Brooklyn to find cool vintage shops.

Favorite pair item in your closet ?

I could never leave the house without a mini backpack. Even if its empty, I always bring it with me just in case.

Craziest moment on set or off set that you have experienced  ?

The craziest moment on set was probably the very first day when everything was new and fascinating.

Goals for your career, who inspires you, who do you want to work with ? 

I would like to study directing. Barry Sonnenfeld inspires me, he is the director/executive producer of A Series of Unfortunate Events. He is so organized and incredibly invested in what he does, with so much attention to every single detail. If I could work with anyone, alive or dead, I would  like to work with Audrey Hepburn.

What’s your favorite fashion brands ?

I love so many fashion brands.  My favorite thing about fashion is being able to mix things up.

Worst smell ? 

The worst smell in my opinion is gas from a car. I can’t stand it.

What’s your favorite smell  ?

I love the smell of blown out matches.

What’s your favorite food ?

My favorite food is anything that has to do with carbs.

What’s your favorite color ?

My favorite color always changes but right now it is yellow.

Tell us one sentence bio/description about you

I love art, adventure and really good pizza.