Melinda Triana

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Melinda Triana

Melinda Melinda Melinda… We head to the 11th arrondissement in Paris to catch up with the coolest documentary director there is.

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Melinda is beautiful, Melinda is cool, Melinda is chic, Melinda is funny, Melinda is talented. You got it, Melinda is the coolest girl in Paris. She makes documentaries about fashion, teenagers, Parisiennes, but always in a sociological way. For those who haven’t seen her work, go here! So we met in the 11th arrondissement to shoot her down her new flat. Three hours later, giggles, serious reflection about the world of fashion, image, web, changing clothes in the street, botanical chat (Melinda is newly passionate by botany, and she unsuccessfully tried to introduce me to the fruit trees of the Gardette Park). Discover her fashion spirit with some pics!


1/ What do you do?

I’m a documentary filmmaker, let’s just say “socio movie director”.

2/ Where do you live?

In Paris 11th district between pubs full of teenagers and a cemetery filled with superstars.

3/ Your fashion icons?

Robert Redford in Three Days of the Condor or Yohji Yamamoto.

4/ Your favorite colors?

Navy blue, strict but flattering.

5/ Your style?

I’d love to only wear men outfits, especially jackets. The materials are great, the cuts are unfussy, I never feel ridiculous.

6/ Three words or a short sentence to describe your style?

Discreet charm of bourgeoisie.

7/ You can’t leave home without…?


8/ Paper or web addict?

Both, but more web.