Memphis 2016 by Sabine Getty

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Memphis 2016 by Sabine Getty

Bold colors, architectural shapes and a playful cast – Sabine Getty’s new jewelry collection is all we’re thinking about right now!

We already professed our love for Sabine’s creations in our Moi Moi Moi issue, back when she was still known as Sabine Ghanem, the Lebanese-Egyptian designer based in London. Same initials, different name: Sabine G. becomes Sabine Getty and launches a flamboyant first collection to celebrate the brand’s new identity. Inspired by the Memphis group, the Italian architectural movement whose work revolves around geometry and bold colors, “Memphis 2016” is a flash of yellow, pink, green and blue in modern zig-zag shapes or flowing waves. All pieces – rings, chokers, bracelets in harmonious arrangements of gold and topaz – are crafted by Italian artisans based near Florence.

We especially love the playful tone of the collection’s pictures, a fictional Sabine Getty family where the blonde baby wears a choker as a crown, a made-up gentleman hangs an delicate earring from his lobe and Sabine herself poses with her creations. A dash of color to beat the February blues!

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