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When art meets fashion : “MYSTENDHALSYNDROME” by Antonio Patruno Randolfi.

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Painting by Victoria Martin de Campo. Jacket, Miumiu. Bag, Gucci. Glasses, George Keburia.

Painting by Pietro Antonio Rotari. Cardigan, Marni. T-shirt, Raf Simons. Headband, Gucci.

Painting by Louis Leopold Boilly. Dress, Delpozo. Sweatshirt, Puma. Hair clip, Gucci.

Painting by Karl von Blaas. Trench coat by Burberry. T-Shirt, Loewe. Glasses, Mykita X Maison Margiela.

Painting by Claude-Marie Dubufe. T-shirt, Calvin Klein. Bag, Prada.

Painting by Anton Raphael Mengs. Shirt, Prada. Glasses, Saint Laurent. Hair pins, Ashley Williams.

Painting by George Chickering Munzig. T-shirt, Loewe. Beret, Stephen Jones X Gosha Rubchinskiy. Glasses, Gucci.

Painting by William Clarke Wontner. Dress, Prada. Shirt, Lemaire.

Painting by William-Adolphe Bouguereau. Top, Saint Laurent. Turban and glasses, Gucci.

Painting by Jacometto Veneziano. Jumsuit, Saint Laurent. Glasses, Dior.

Instagram is a very interesting way to find out about new inspiring projects and artists, the page of @Mystendhalsyndrome is one of the most brilliant. Fashion and art merge, with taste and knowledge, to create cool and elegant collages in which characters from old paintings are wearing the most trendy and recent collections.

But who is the artist behind this page? Here is a little chat we had with Antonio Patruno Randolfi, the men behind Mystendhalsyndrome.

1/ Can you tell us who is the person behind the project?

This question makes me laugh, it is usually addressed to important people… so I don’t want to disappoint anyone by answering that behind this project is a simple designer called Antonio.

2/ Where did the idea of these collages come from?

The idea of these collages was born almost by chance, I’ve always been passionate about historical portraiture and about my work as a fashion designer, so from the union of these passions here you are, my collages. I often wonder how the great protagonists of art history would be in contemporary clothes … It was enough to try to create these portraits.

3/ Can you tell us more about the process ? If you start from the painting or from a specific designer piece of clothing ?

Actually I always start with the painting, I watch the character for days and imagine his thoughts and everyday life. Once I know him well, I imagine his ideal wardrobe and at that point I’m doing the styling part.

4/ Your work is very successful, Italian Vogue, Apart Publication, Glamour Spain and many others magazines have published your collages. Any other projects coming up soon or wishes for the future?

These publications gave me a boost to continue doing it. What would I like? Create some exclusive collages for an important fashion brand…I will not deny that I went very close. I think the next time will be the good one!

5/ What is the boundary between a fashion project and a work of art? How could you classify your creations?

I don’t think I am an artist, even if I use works of art, but I strongly believe that a fashion product can be very close to a piece of art. I will define my creations as portraits of a nostalgic contemporaneity.

Interview by Maela Leporati