Pheromone Hotbox

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Pheromone Hotbox

Canyons, mountains, streams and the naked feminine form: LA-based photographer and Please contributor Amanda Charchian releases her first book of photography.

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The name is striking in itself. The photographer explains it came from the idea of hotboxing the inside of a car when smoking, but instead applied it to pheromones to underline the powerful feminine attraction that runs through the book. Between 2012 and 2015, LA-based photographer Amanda Charchian – who did the “Soul Sisters” fashion story in Please 18 – travelled to Costa Rica, France, Morrocco, Cuba and Iceland to photograph various female artists in dramatic locations across the globe, from canyons to wild streams and even underground caves.

Flipping through the pages, the reader reckognizes a couple of famous faces: singer/songwriter Lou Doillon, artist Ana Kras, model Langley Fox, actress Rebecca Dayan, and even French singer Soko. All women are creatively inspiring, and all pose stark naked for Amanda’s camera, blending in with the spectacular natural surroundings and creating a dream-like mystical feeling. Capturing the intimacy between artist and subject, Pheromone Hotbox is a celebration of the feminine body and its power, both magical and slightly erotically charged.

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