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Ruifier – The Day I Fell in Love

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Ruifier – The Day I Fell in Love

You’ve got it, our latest issue is all about LOVE. The greatest theme of all times, right? We decided to turn to the fashion industry’s very best to find out what gets their heart beating that little bit faster… and their answer may be surprising. After Marie Marquet in Paris, we turn to Rachel Shaw, creative director of the London-based jewelry brand Ruifier (remember the amazing Visage line? That’s all her), who tells us about her lifetime passion for precious stones… and how her dog inspires to create high jewelry!

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Do you remember the moment your passion started?

I actually grew up surrounded by gemstones. We have collectors in the family and the thing that always fascinated me was all the vivid colours that nature produces, it was a veritable rainbow! I also studied art from a young age so it was inevitable that I would later combine my passions, I loved how I could bring together precious metals and gems to create my own designs.

What drew you to this specific thing?

There’s so many facets to jewellery and that’s what intrigues me, it’s like 3D sculpture on such a small scale, the incredible details and the vast range of natural gems combine into an incredible piece of art that you can wear. It’s also special as it’s so personal, it represents memories, relationships, events and emotions, as well as being such intricate artwork. I think it’s the combination of all of these factors that drew me to jewellery.

Three adjectives to describe the way it makes you feel?

Creative, passionate, inspired.

How has this passion changed your life?

I feel very lucky that I’m able to work with jewellery every day! I love to design and in particular the smiles and characters I’ve designed have added a positivity to my everyday life that I couldn’t have predicted. I see smiles and faces everywhere I look now, it’s amazing how many smiles are hidden in the world around us and seeing that happiness around me has really given me new scope!

Your favourite memory?

It’s actually my dog Taiki, it’s been 8 years now since I picked him up as a tiny puppy and that was just an amazing moment! He was the start of so many great things for me, the happiness he’s brought to my life inspired me to create the Visage collection, something to make other people smile like he makes me smile. So it’s really the best memory for the moment itself and also all the amazing moments that he brought with him!