Sacha Pytka

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Sacha Pytka

French-American knitwear designer Sacha Pytka in Le Marais in Paris.

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1/ What do you do?

Knitwear Designer.

2/ Where do you live?
I split my time between LA and Paris.

3/ Your fashion icons?
Jerry Hall. I love that fun laid back glamour of the Studio 54 era. She always looked elegant while keeping it fun and a little rock and roll. And while were at it, Kate Moss’s closet ain’t too bad either.

4/ Your favorite colors?
I love light green. I do wear a lot of black and white, but I’m up for anything as far as color goes. I’m also a sucker for good animal prints.

5/ Your style: night or day?
Depends, I definitely dress up more in the day when I’m in France, but I
have to say nighttime is when the big guns come out.

6/ 3 words or a short sentence to describe your style.
“Whatever’s on top of the pile/suitcase…”

7/ You can’t leave your home without…
First and foremost: Wallet, phone, keys. Sometimes: Carmex, Bourgeois Volume Glamour Ultra Black mascara, IPod, camera.

8/ Paper or web addict?
I love real magazines, but I get all my French ELLEs and VOGUEs on my IPad using the Relay app. It’s brilliant, I don’t have to pay 15$ for them anymore!