Sakura by Sofia Sanchez de Betak X Ofée

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Sakura by Sofia Sanchez de Betak X Ofée

Here we are to meet Sofia Sanchez de Betak, in a cozy suite at Hotel Ritz, for a little chat about the capsule collection she’s about to launch with French jewelry house Ofée.

Before the interview begins, the very stylish socialite Sofia Sanchez de Betak is telling us that she has very simple taste regarding jewelry : light necklaces, vintage earrings, no statement or ornemental pieces (unlike us with 2 massive plexi earrings pending on both sides of our head…). She’s showing us a beautiful black enamel wedding ring and confesses to love Memento Mori jewelry. So chic ! For Ofée, she has imagined 5 subtile pieces, mainly earrings and one ring in gold and diamonds, all with aerial floral designs. The collection is named Sakura in honor of the delicate flower season in Japan, a place Sofia likes very much, but also in honor of Sofia’s young daughter (eight-month-old) who is also called Sakura. Two good reasons to make a Japan themed interview…


What is your favorite Japanese dish ?

I love sashimis.

Favorite Japanese garment ?
I’m a kimono lover, chic, timeless, comfortable. I’ve recently launched my own brand, Chufy, inspired by my travels and the second collection was 100% dedicated to Japan with many kimono pieces.

Favorite place in Japan ?
I’ve recently been to two beautiful places : Naoshima, known as the Artistic island, with its several art museums. And Ogijima, a tiny island, very typical, with traditional wooden houses, fishing boats and art installations. I love the confluence of modernity and tradition in Japan.

Favorite Japanese tradition ?

Midnight karaoke wasted with sake. My husband (Alex de Betak) and I are karaoke and sake amateurs. In our NY apartment we have created a Japanese room, with tatami on the floor and a sake bar with 3 taps pouring sake directly in your glass !


The Sakura collection will be available in end of September.