Sparkling summer

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Sparkling summer

So here we are, it’s the 31st of July, the official day for the Summer post!!! With my girls from Les particules Complémentaires, (it’s here if you have missed the big announcement!), we have decided to make a commun post, to gather all together one last time before everyone leaves and spreads around the world on holidays. The only problem is just that I feel it’s only the 12th of June, as I still have so much to do before the big day. But that’s another concern. Anyway, tomorrow it’s August. Officially France is dead : no boulangeries, no butchers and 10 free car parks in my street… So as everybody, I will pack to forget everything! But what do I put in my suitcase ? Djellabas, ethnic dresses, high waist denim shorts, tons of cotton tank tops, a Panama (vital), many vintage sunnies (I collect them) … and this wonderful pink sparling clutch by Roger Vivier. On holidays, I don’t dress up anymore, I leave all my sophisticated outfits in the wardrobe, I travel light and comfy, just taking few accessories like an evening cluctch or XXL golden jewels.

Kisses and have a lovely summer!

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Photo by Olivia in Dubai